The Matrix Reboot: 5 Ideas

The Matrix Reboot: 5 Ideas

It's been a couple of days since The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Warner Bros is working on rebooting "The Matrix" franchise.

It is important to note that this isn't about remaking the films, but rebooting the franchise, which means the original three films would definitely be part of the canon.

As a huge fan of the series, even though I have extremely mixed feelings regarding "The Matrix Revolutions," here are a few of my ideas about how The Matrix cinematic universe could be expanded.

Past Iterations / The Architect

When Neo first meets the Architect in "The Matrix Reloaded," it is mentioned that the original iteration of The Matrix was designed as a perfect utopia. It would be very interesting to watch society exist in such a world and examine how it went wrong. It is a creative challenge for the production team to build a physical utopia, but it would be fascinating nonetheless. This idea would probably work better as just one standalone movie, but it would be worth some serious consideration, for sure!

Also, who is the Architect? Why and how was he chosen? How is his creative process, and who was involved, and how did all that came to be? So many questions!

The O-Men

From Neo's first visit, it is clear that the Oracle surrounds herself with "gifted" human beings inside the Matrix, who she trains and protects. The kid who can bend spoons is probably just one of many examples. Aside from my terrible O-Men pun, I would be very happy with an X-Men-like film where the Oracle serves as the role of a "Professor Xavier" type and we get to know her pupils with special abilities who live inside the Matrix. 

The Oracle is by far one of the most interesting characters from The Matrix franchise, and unlike Professor Xavier, she doesn't possess a proper, Academia personality. It would be incredible to watch her getting to know these beings with special abilities and train them to become even better.

Young Morpheus

Even when the story isn't that great, it is a proven successful formula to take audiences through the journey of how a master came to be that way. We're getting to see a young Dumbledore in future installments of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," we saw Bilbo Baggins' origin story in "The Hobbit," we got to know Obi-Wan Kenobi as an apprentice and young master in Episodes I through III of "Star Wars." You know the drill.

It makes perfect sense that Warner Bros should consider prequels about Morpheus as a young man navigating through the Matrix himself. We can discover how he came to meet the Oracle, hear about The One, learn the blue pill / red pill speech, and so forth. 


Even though he was a computer program, Agent Smith certainly had the ability / emotional range to feel anger, pain, and ambition. Taking into consideration the fact that Agents could act in such human ways, it begs the question: were there Agents who defected? Were there ever a conflict among them? And what is their actual origin story, like why and how did they come to be?

I believe there is a lot of unexplored territory within the Agents. Many stories could be told from their perspective. Maybe even an anti-hero story arc could be developed. Maybe we could get a different side of things, like "Maleficent". The possibilities are endless!


No, I most definitely do not subscribe to the theory that "Inception" could be a prequel to "The Matrix". However, that did get me thinking... Do deeper Matrixes exist inside the Matrix, just like you could have a dream-inside-a-dream in "Inception"?

That idea could spin several stories and elevate the stakes for a Matrix universe fans now assume they understand well. Now that's an Inception-Matrix connection I'm dying to see!

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